Successful Business Leaders Can Subscribe to Continuous Learning with Kintsugi

Written by
Kapil Kalokhe
Published on
July 6, 2023

Leading and growing a business is a constant learning process for executives of all company sizes and industries. The company’s board of directors / advisors are helpful in providing guidance, but it is also important to have skilled support across key departments. While there are textbooks and guides one can read, we believe having expert resources to “call” on is critical when running a business. Having functional experts who have been in similar situations on speed dial can provide business leaders with the confidence they can address any challenge ahead in their company’s journey.

Kintsugi subscribes to this method of supporting its investments and students of “Kintsugi University” graduate with larger, stronger and more efficient companies.

We firmly believe in the notion that learning is a lifelong journey. With our extensive experience in building multiple successful businesses, we understand the significance of continuous education and development for leaders to propel an organization's growth.

Recognizing the occasional loneliness that comes with being at the top, we have taken steps to address this issue for our portfolio executives. We have designed an exclusive curriculum tailored to their dynamic needs. Leveraging our sector expertise and vast network of resources, we provide access to top practitioners in various fields. Each module, led by experts, fosters an intimate atmosphere that promotes interaction and cultivates practical skills.

Our curriculum covers a wide range of essential topics across different domains: 

  • Creating a Culture for Growth
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Humor & Creativity in the Workplace
  • Employee Engagement
  • Accelerating Brand Development
  • Maximizing Sales Through Interactive Marketing
  • Accelerating Sales Force Effectiveness
Information Technology
  • Social Media & Social Networking
  • Choosing a Human Resources Information System that Meets Your Needs
  • Profiting from a Technology Roadmap
  • Sustainable Business Practices
  • Growing & Operating in Asia
  • Growth Through Add-On Acquisitions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Profitability
Accounting & Finance
  • Internal Control
  • Fraud Mitigation
  • Understanding Broad Market Outlook
Human Resources
  • Training
  • Wellness Programs
  • Creating a Positive Culture and Working Environment

Ready to take your business to new heights?

Join Kintsugi and unlock a world of expert support and continuous learning. Take the first step towards growth by contacting us today.

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